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The Inertia Dampener is a block that provides thrust to the opposite of the direction the ship to slow the ship down. Being a block that specializes in braking, it provides the most force for thrust blocks, however only provides it into the deceleration stat of a ship, and not into the acceleration stat. The block consumes a lot of power, materials, and credits due to it providing such a powerful braking force. The block can only be placed on a ship in Iron and Avorion materials, making it the most restricted block in terms of materials.

Stats[ | ]

Iron and Avorion Inertia Dampeners differ in 3 visual ways: Mass, Thrust, and Power Draw. Iron Inertia Dampeners have 25.5 t of mass per standard cube, has 2133.9 m/s deceleration, and consumes 54.39MW of power per standard cube. This indicates that Iron Inertia Dampeners also provide 54,414.45 Newtons of force, and has a power-efficiency of 1000.45 Newtons per Megawatt.
Avorion Inertia Dampeners have 18t of mass per standard cube, provides 5556.6 m/s deceleration, and consumes 71.28MW of power per standard cube. This indicates that Avorion Inertia Dampeners also provide 100,018.8 Newtons of force, and has a power-efficiency of 1403.18 Newtons per Megawatt.

Due to how Directional Thrusters can provide the same functionality, Iron and Avorion will be provided for comparison. Iron Directional Thrusters have the same mass as their Inertia Dampener counterpart, however, only provide 491.2 m/s deceleration, which is merely 23% of the power of the Inertia Dampener. The power consumption of Directional Thrusters is a strong argument, though, with a block made of Iron consuming only 3.75MW, which is only 7% of the energy cost of an Inertia Dampener. In the same manner, one could calculate the energy efficiency of the Iron Directional Thruster and come out to 3340.16 Newtons per MW, which is 334% more efficient in energy than the Inertia Dampener.
Likewise, Avorion Directional Thrusters are less powerful, but more energy efficient. Providing 695.4 m/s deceleration, the Directional Thruster is 12.5% as powerful, and with 2.67 MW consumption, consumes 3.7% as much power as the Inertia Dampener. The Avorion Directional Thruster has an energy efficiency of 4688.09 Newtons per Megawatt, which is also 3.33x more efficient than Inertia Dampeners.

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