Avorion Wiki

Displays prices of goods in the sector, without having to open Trade Goods menus on stations.

When installed on a ship or station that has a captain, allows the player to give buy and sell orders to that ship/station from the galaxy map. For this usage, rarity does not matter.

As rarity increases so do the advantages, including:

  • Price Ratios in the Sector
  • Trade Routes in the Sector
  • Trade Routes in the last # of Sectors
  • When the upgrade is installed permanently and is at least exceptional, you can see information about the supply/demand amounts when you are on the map. You can select the goods you're looking for in the upper left corner of the screen when looking on the map.
  • The different colours represent the amounts: low demand / high supply is shown blue; high demand / low supply red. You can also find that information in a info panel located in the trading screen.
System Upgrades
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