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General Overview[ | ]

Ice mines can only be used to gather water. An ice mine can only be constructed from a claimed asteroid. These cannot normally be removed from the sector where they originally reside. Water is used in a wide variety of applications throughout the galaxy.

Note: it is almost always better to use the water collector alternative to save you an asteroid for other needed mine.

Station Manufacturing Process[ | ]

Water produced at this type of mine is used in the following applications:


Brewery, Cattle Ranch, Chemicals Factory, Cocoa Farm, Corn Farm, Distillery, Fish Farm, Fruit Farm, Fungus Farm, Medical Supplies Factory, Paint Manufacturer, Paper Factory, Plant Farm, Potato Farm, Rice Farm, Sheep Ranch, Spices Farm, Tea Farm, Vegetable Farm, Wheat Farm, Wood Farm

Construction[ | ]

Cost to produce: 9,750,000 credits.

Production[ | ]

This mine produces the following resources per cycle:

Name Quantity Volume Avg. Price Illegal? Dangerous?
Water 75 1 20 No No

Ice mine cycles are take the minimum time of 15 seconds by default so they derive no benefit from the addition of assembly blocks.

Profitability[ | ]

This mine's profitability is an average of 1500 credits per cycle.

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