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General Overview[ | ]

The Hyperspace core is a block that can be placed on a ship, and can be made from the following materials:

Functionality[ | ]

The Hyperspace Core enhances the hyperdrive's range and charging time. Higher quality materials will give greater bonuses to range and charging time. Hyperspace range does not scale linearly.

Hyperspace Core Volume VS Hyperspace Reach
8 k m3 64 k m3 512 k m3 4 mill m3 32 mill m3 262 mill m3 2 bill m3 16 bill m3
Naonite 2.9 5.8 11.6 23.2 46.4 92.8 185.6 371.2
Trinium 3.3 6.6 13.2 26.4 52.8 108.6 217.2 434.4
Xanion 3.8 7.6 15.2 30.4 60.8 121.6 243.2 486.4
Avorion 5 10 20 40 80 160 320 640


The Avorion Special Ability[ | ]

The Hyperspace Core made of Avorion has a special ability, as it allows the player to jump across space time rifts. No matter what size Avorion Hyperspace Core is used. When the ability is acquired, it will not matter how many Hyperspace Cores of other materials there are present, they will only add to the total number of sectors that the player is able to jump.

Formulas[ | ]

1.a) Increment general formula.[ | ]

The formula to calculate the increment of the hyperspace range that provides each group of hyperspace cores of the same material is:
Increment general formula white background

  • I = increment of hyperspace range
  • V= total volume of hyperspace cores of that material.
  • K = some numeric constant.
  • round['x']() = a function that rounds the number at 'x' zeros: if 5 or more, rounds up, if not, rounds down. In this case, it rounds to 1 decimal.
  • M = a number correlated with a material: it is 6 for Avorion, 5 for Ogonite, 4 for Xanion, 3 for Trinium, 2 for Naonite, 1 for Titanium and 0 for Iron.

1.b) Increment specific formula.[ | ]

Or, what is the same, for a particular material:

Increment specific formula white background


  • Naonite K= 1,45597631
  • Trinium K= 1,666669836
  • Xanion K= 1,907852049
  • Avorion K = 2,499968584

Screenshot 2

2) Total Reach formula.[ | ]

The total hyperspace reach of a ship is the sum of all increments plus a 2.5 of base reach:

Total white background

Details[ | ]

This block has 4/3rds the mass and 1/8th the durability of a normal block.

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