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Description[ | ]

Hull Blocks are the base building blocks of ships and stations. They have no functions which benefit your craft apart from the Hull Points provided, and are only useful as fillers and for outlining non-combat ships.

Hull is significantly lighter than Armor blocks, so its better for internal spaces where taking damage is unlikely, and while it does not produce any stat bonuses like Cargo Bays or Crew Quarters do, it is cheaper to build and repair and just as durable, so it can take a beating in unforeseen circumstances unlike decorative blocks.

As the first and most basic block type among the present variety, Hull is conventionally used as a standard reference. Physical and functional parameters of other block types are defined and often described relative to properties of the Hull.

Features & Stats[ | ]

Hull blocks have two variants - generic and Blank, where generic one has a decorative window overlay. Meanwhile, Blank Hull block supports angled shapes namely Corners and Edges, and their base stats are exactly proportional to their true physical volume.

Hull Blocks cost 5 units of the chosen Material to build and take up a 500 Watt of energy upkeep per 1k m3 of volume. Credits cost grows by 35% for each consecutive material, same as with other block types.

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