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Galaxy Map Sample

An example of how hidden mass sectors will look like on the galaxy map

Hidden mass sectors are sectors containing a mass that is normally hidden with the usual radar. A radar upgrade with such capability is needed in order for a craft to detect these hidden mass sectors. The Hidden mass sectors will appear as yellow blinking blips on the map once such a radar upgrade has been equipped and when the player is close enough to one such that it can be detected by the radar. It is possible for several Hidden mass sectors to spawn in close proximity to one another.

While it may be dangerous, there are good potential finds in hidden mass sectors that can be of huge benefit to the player

When warping into a hidden mass sector, it is advisable for the player to equip themselves adequately in order to face potential pirates or enemies. These sectors do not have the usual AI ships that will attack such enemies.

Contents of hidden mass sectors[ | ]

Hidden mass sectors can have any of the following contents, and may have a combination of some as well.

Asteroids[ | ]

Yes, the usual, cold grey lumpy depressing rocks floating in space. Massive asteroid fields may potentially spawn in such areas. These asteroid fields may contain many good asteroids that are good spots for mining. The drawback for mining in such places however is that there are no resource depots to refine your ores (if you're using a R-mining turret) and that there may be potential pirate attacks that the player may have to counter.

These asteroid fields may also contain massive asteroids, usually no more than two, that can be claimed and then sold or made into a mine for a few million credits (upwards of 4 million) owned by the player. Massive asteroids can be sold at a price of a few hundred thousand credits, and can increase your reputation with a specific faction you're selling the asteroid to.

Secret Stashes[ | ]

Secret Stashes can be found within these asteroid fields too. Use the C43 object detector to help you find them.

Container Field[ | ]

Container fields (or whatever its name is) are huge stretches of neatly organized containers that may spawn randomly. These stretch of containers can also usually be found in civilized sectors too. Some of the containers may contain good loot that can be accessed by the player, and is classified as a "valuable object". As there are many containers, it is advisable to equip a C43 Object Detector to sieve out such containers. Additionally, some of such containers may be Secured Containers that have to be taken (by docking them to the player's ship) and be cracked at a Smuggler Hideout at a price.

Altars[ | ]

Altars may look similar to regular asteroids at first, but the asteroids are aligned in massive rings, with an incredibly large and resource-rich asteroid in the center of them all. The innermost ring is not made of asteroids, but are actually a lot of neutral ships. These ships are incredibly powerful (During testing, one group melted a shield with 80k HP in about 15 seconds), altogether even stronger than the local bosses, and anger if you either attack them or try to mine the central asteroid. Before becoming hostile, one of which will allow you to talk to them. If you make contact, this ship will initially not notice, but upon speaking, will try to ward you off. If you try to continue the conversation, they will all start attacking instantly. This interactable ship drops many very good items, usually including an Exotic. The ideal strategy for dealing with these is to make a fast, durable ship whose main firepower comes from torpedoes. Stand some distance away, and nail the interactable ship with your best torpedoes, severely damaging it if not killing it outright (Multiple torpedo launchers are recommended, as only the first volley has a good chance at landing hits. Make sure they're all near each other and pointing in the same direction, to ensure that all of the torpedoes hit at the same time, maximizing burst damage). Swoop in to finish the job and collect the items, then bail as soon as you can.

Wreckage[ | ]

Wreckage can be found in such places that can be salvaged. This is similar to those of a scrapyard, just that you do not need to spend money on a salvaging license.

Wormholes[ | ]

Wormholes are special, natural gates that allow the fast transportation of the player over large stretches of space without having to make multiple stops. These wormholes can came in handy when flying around the galaxy by yeeting the player to the destination.

Pirate Hideouts[ | ]

Pirate hideouts occasionally spawn in hidden mass sectors, albeit rare. These are usually pirate bases, and are almost always shipyards. Some of these might spawn with quests on their bulletin board, despite not being interactable and perpetually at war with the player. These stations are much weaker than the local stations, but are supported by a constant stream of reinforcements that come in waves.

Smuggler Hideouts[ | ]

Smuggler hideouts are hideouts of smugglers. These places usually contain a shipyard and a smuggler hideout that is capable of cracking secure containers, unbranding stolen goods, hiring spies etc.

Resistance Outposts (within the barrier)[ | ]

Resistance outposts are hideouts of stations that belong to a faction near the core of the galaxy. These outposts are "bastions of life" near the galaxy's center (which is usually empty). They consist of a shipyard and another station of any kind, such as a research station or equipment dock (equipment docks here only sell system upgrades) that is named "resistance outposts". Interacting with one of these stations will start the One Against All And All Against One quest.

Xsotan breeding spots (within the barrier)[ | ]

Within the barrier, hidden masses may contain xsotan breeding spots, which are asteroid fields full of xsotan breeders guarded by a fleet of xsotan ships, usually between 7 to 15. The xsotan ships are neutral unless provoked