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A Hangar is a block built on ships to provide access to a fighters fleet.

One hangar can launch one fighter at a time, even with two faces accessible. A full fleet of 120 fighters takes about 75 seconds to launch one by one. Multiple hangars allow multiple fighters to launch simultaneously, improving launch time. This scales up to 120 hangars launching all fighters instantly.

There is no restriction on the simultaneous return of fighters. A single hangar can instantly receive all fighters that fly into it. A larger surface area helps fighters reliably reach it, improving return speed. Fighters return very slowly within the outer bounds of the ship so it helps to put hangars near the outside surface.

More hangars do not provide more fighter squads, only subsystem modules do.

Requirements[ | ]

The hangar block has to be large enough in order to function properly. Any cube larger than 0.5 will technically provide capacity, but a cube of size 1.76 is needed to provide at least 1 capacity. The general formula for cube size is .

At least one of the two open faces must be unobstructed. The required free space is highlighted in build mode.

It is not available before Trinium tech.

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