Avorion Wiki

General Overview[ | ]

This station produces guns, which are used in the production of war robots, and consumed by military outposts.

Station Manufacturing Process[ | ]

The following station requires this product during the manufacturing process:

War Robot Factory

Legality[ | ]

Purchasers of the products from this station should be aware that these goods are considered dangerous cargo. Transporting this cargo can result in fines and confiscation of the good if the individual does not have a transportation permit.

Construction[ | ]

Cost to produce: 10,078,500 credits

Production[ | ]

This factory produces the following resources per cycle:

Name Quantity Volume Avg. Price Illegal? Dangerous?
Gun 5 0.5 1101 No Yes

Production Materials[ | ]

This factory requires the following resources to complete a cycle:

Name Quantity Volume Avg. Price Sold By Illegal? Dangerous?
Steel 1 1 159 Steel Factory No No
Ammunition 1 3 3436 Ammunition Factory - Type 3 No No
Aluminium 1 1 200 Aluminium Mine No No
Plastic 1 0.5 137 Plastic Factory No No

Profitability[ | ]

This station's profitability is an average of 1,573 credits per cycle.