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Description[ | ]

Glow blocks are a universal decorative light source, that can be used to cast local illumination over nearby blocks of the construct in short range.

Blocks themselves are opaque, unshaded, untextured, uniform and self-illuminated objects of assigned color, that produce a bright flare (Bloom) when occupying a significant portion of the screen view, although they do not affect nearby blocks of other objects.

Hue and Saturation of the Glow block depends on the chosen color, and intensity of the glow effect is relative to Color Value (apparent brightness) of that color. As such, pure white color produces the strongest flare, while pure black color produces no illumination at all.

Glow blocks are available in all materials, have and provide 1/4 Hull Points of the regular Hull block for 1/3 of the Mass and require no upkeep.


Hull Block, Armor Block, Engine Block, Stone Block, Cargo Bay, Crew Quarters, Thruster, Framework, Hangar, Dock, Turret Rotation Lock, Shield Generator, Energy Container, Generator, Integrity Field Generator, Computer Core, Hyperspace Core, Solar Panel, Light Block, Glow Block, Glass Block, Reflector Block, Hologram Block, Gyro Array Block