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Once this quest has been taken, all Xsotan ships have a chance to drop a piece of Xsotan technology. The Xsotan tech pieces will be found as "rare" in quality and be researched at a laboratory. As to be expected, when 5 tech pieces are researched together, a new tech piece will be made in "exeptional" quality, 5 exeptional tech pieces can be researched into an "exotic" tech piece, and lastly, 5 exotic tech pieces can be researched into a Xsotan Wormhole Key, which can be used against the Xsotan Wormhole Guardian.

Getting Technical is directly linked to One Against All And All Against One.

If the player has the Xsotan Wormhole Generator equipped while fighting the Xsotan Wormhole Guardian, the player can interact with the boss, and that brings up a menu with the option "Harness the blackhole generator's power". If this option is selected while the XSG is shooting a beam at the large black hole, allied ships will appear through wormholes. The amount of ships depends on the amount of allies the player has gathered from the "One Against All And All Against One" mission.