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Gates are portal-like structures found in sectors across the entire galaxy. Two primary types of Gates exist: Smaller faction gates, and larger Ancient Gateways. The smaller faction gates exist in civilized portions of the galaxy, and these allow players to instantaneously travel long distances for a small fee, dependant on the player's relationship to the faction that owns it. Having max standing with a faction allows you use their gates for free. The small faction gates have a size limit for transporting ships, and may decline to warp a player's ship if it exceeds a certain size. Ancient Gates are larger, travel a significantly further distance, and does not contain a size limit. Ancient Gates open up when the player has an XSTN-1 system upgrade on their ship, and an Ancient Gate is guaranteed to spawn in the final sector of the Exodus quest. Both types of gateways form webs of gate lanes in the galaxy. Gates are immune to all damage, and cannot be destroyed even if the player goes to war with the owner.