Avorion Wiki

The galaxy in Avorion represents the world in which the game takes place. It consists of different sectors. It is randomly generated and its size is currently 1000x1000 sectors, so in one galaxy there are 1 Million sectors.

The galaxy is not completely generated at once, but procedurally generated as the players explore new sectors.

Seed[ | ]

Galaxies are randomly generated by the Avorion server. Each galaxy has its own seed, that is given to the procedural generator that creates it. This seed can be specified in the menu when a new galaxy is created, or via the command line when a new server is set up.

Two galaxies with the same seed will look the same and have the exact same content, though this content may change over time due to player interaction with the world.

Layout[ | ]

The layout of the sectors in the galaxy is a quadratic 2D coordinate system. The coordinate range goes from -499 to 500. The notation of the coordinates is simply the x and y coordinates, separated by a colon.

Sector coordinates are noted as follows:

Coordinates Location
0:0 Center of the galaxy
-250:0 Left side of the galaxy, in the middle
500:-499 Bottom right edge of the galaxy
601:-500 Invalid coordinates

Note that the most negative value is -499, not -500.