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Fidget is a boss that behaves similarly to the Quantum Xsotan ships, in that when hit, jumps a distance away in a random direction in the same sector. Can be summoned by using the Hyperspace Interrupter.

With approximately 3 million hull and no shield, the fight is a considerable slog. Since only a single shot will land before Fidget teleports away, it is recommended that the player disable all turrets except a single long-range anti-hull weapon, such as a railgun. As Fidget himself will usually teleport well outside his own range, he poses virtually no threat, resulting in a fight which is far more tedius than difficult.

Ramming with a large and sturdy ship is a viable method to defeat Fidget.

Fidget's ship is built out of Avorion if fought inside the core, and appears to scale with the region he is fought, being build of Xanion and Ogonite when fought just outside the barrier. He appears to drop a single legendary turret, further testing is needed to confirm whether this is a guaranteed drop.

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