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General Overview[ | ]

A farm is a station where any product is grown. These are a type of factory.

Types of Farm[ | ]

Production Chain[ | ]

Farm Production Chain

This drawing depicts all the mines and factories (rectangles) and trade goods (ovals) needed to set up all 15 player production chains for farm products. The yellow ovals are trade goods generated within the chain, but not used to produce other farm goods. These goods can be sold or used in other chains. The Toxic Waste oval is red which indicates a useless byproduct that must be emptied periodically and disposed of to permit the chain to continue functioning.

The farms on the left side of the diagram are relatively primitive, requiring only water and energy cells to operate. In the case of the Crystal Farm no inputs are needed. The farms to the right are a bit more advanced and require inputs from additional production chains, which are noted in the diagram. Of course these inputs can be sourced from elsewhere in the galaxy, or players can rely on npc transports to deliver the products, but these methods will be slow, expensive, and unreliable.