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Events, as the name suggest, are random events that occur after a fixed amount of time has passed. It's normally around 12 minutes between each event.

There are a number of diffrent events that can occur, following is the console text followed by the action that happens in-game:

  • alienattack - Xsotan attack will commence shortly after. The Xsotan will be neutral to the player until a turret is fired then they will be hostile. They will be hostile to the NPCs in the sector when they warp in. There is no reward for their defeat.
  • piratehunter - A pirate attack on the current sector, happens immediately. The pirates will be hostile to the player when they warp in. If in a populated sector and the player assists in the defeat of the pirates the controlling faction will pay the player a credit amount determined by the distance to the core.
  • convoidistressignal - You'll receive a distress signal and coordinates to a sector where a convoy is being ambushed by pirates
  • fakedistresssignal - You'll receive a distress signal and coordinates to a sector where a pirate ambush awaits you
  • spawntravelingmerchant - A traveling merchant will appear in your current sector
  • xsotaninvasion - a large amount of xsotan will spawn in the sector a progress bar will fill up after the wormholegaurdianprototype spawns. (this event only happens when the player defeats the worm hole guardian
  • searchandrescue - You'll receive weak distress signal and 4 sector coordinates, which one of them contains the disabled ship.(update required)
  • urgentdelivery - You'll receive an urgent message to deliver certain goods to the given sector coordinates in reward of 4 times the price. It's possible to encounter pirates, waiting to receive the requested goods.(update required)