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General Overview[edit | edit source]

An Equipment Dock is a station that allow players to buy and sell system upgrades, turrets and utilities. It is also the only place a permanently-installed system upgrade can be removed without destroying it.

Prices depend on the player's relation to the owner faction.

Equipment restocks when the server is booted up, every fifteen minutes while in the system, and when the sector has been unloaded by the server.

Permanently installed equipment[edit | edit source]

all systems can be permanently installed on ships boosting the stats of the system.

the only way to remove these systems and get it back is to be docked to an equipment station, or have the ship within 3 km to the station

otherwise you will lose the system

Trading[edit | edit source]

Equipment Docks do not sell any goods. Of the goods they obtain through trading, this station will consume them over time. They will purchase the following goods from the player:

Antigrav Unit
Fusion Core
Laser Compressor
Laser Head
Power Unit

Brewery, Casino, Collector, Equipment Dock, Factory, Farm, Habitat, Headquarter, Manufacturer, Military Outpost, Mine, Repair Dock, Research Station, Resource Depot, Scrapyard, Shipyard, Trading Post, Turret Factory, Power Plant