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Energy to Shield Converters are a form of system upgrades that, similarly to Shield Boosters, increase the amount of shields a ship has, but at the cost of some power generation. Higher rarity tiered Converters increase both stats, however increasing the durability gain more than the generated energy loss, making higher tiers generally more worth-while than the lower ones. Due to how the energy production loss is calculated, the upgrade affects both large and small ships just the same, since it's not a flat power draw, and instead a percentage reduction.

Energy production loss stacks with Generator Upgrade additively (in a not so bad way). Example: If your ship produces 1TW of energy, you add a -30% Energy To Shield Converter and a +100% Generator Upgrade, your ship will produce 1.7TW of energy, not 1.4.


The table below shows the approximate ranges of what a player might expect from a certain tier.

Item Rarity Durability Increase Bonus Durability Increase Generated Energy Reduction
Common +29-36% +12-14% -14-18%
Uncommon +45% +18% -20%
Rare +54-64% +22-26% -22-27%
Exceptional +76-86% +30-34% -29-32%
Exotic +85% +34% -29%
Legendary +115% +46% -36%
System Upgrades
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