Avorion Wiki

The Energy Container expands your energy storage, allowing you to make up for energy production shortfalls, or sudden bursts of energy consumption.

This block has the same mass and 1/4th the Durability of a normal block.

It takes at least 30 seconds to recharge and the quantity of stored energy changes with the material used. Energy storage can only be recharged with a 20th of the ships total energy capacity.

Values used for a standard 2x2x2 cube (8,000 m³, 140 resource cost):

Material Cost ($) Hull (hp) Mass (kt) Energy (GJ) GJ/kt
Titanium 421 12 0.24 6.6 27
Naonite 568 18 0.26 7.5 28.85
Trinium 766 27 0.17 8.7 51.18
Xanion 1034 41 0.22 10.2 46.36
Ogonite 1396 61 0.36 12 33.33
Avorion 1884 91 0.29 14.1 48.62
Hull Block, Armor Block, Engine Block, Stone Block, Cargo Bay, Crew Quarters, Thruster, Framework, Hangar, Dock, Turret Rotation Lock, Shield Generator, Energy Container, Generator, Integrity Field Generator, Computer Core, Hyperspace Core, Solar Panel, Light Block, Glow Block, Glass Block, Reflector Block, Hologram Block, Gyro Array Block