Avorion Wiki

Base Energy Consumption[]

This is a list of all Blocks that constantly consume energy, but can be switched off in the Energy Menu. Their consumption depends ONLY on their size and the material used. Blocks that are not listed here do not consume Energy or behave in a different manner.

Here are the consumption ratios in W / m^3 :

Iron Titanium Naonite Trinium Xanion Ogonite Avorion
Hull 500 500 500 500 500 500 500
Blank Hull 500 500 500 500 500 500 500
Engine 4.000 3.820 3.600 3.380 3.180 3.000 2.850
Crew Quarters 5.000 5.000 5.000 5.000 5.000 5.000 5.000
Thruster 4.500 4.300 4.050 3.800 3.570 3.380 3.210
Directional Thruster 3.750 3.580 3.380 3.170 2.980 2.810 2.670
Gyro Array 7.320 7.610 8.070 8.820 10.060 12.000 14.970
Inertia Dampener 54.390 - - - - - 71.280
Shield Generator - - 23.440 27.190 31.880 - 44.060
Integrity Field Generator - 9.380 9.380 9.380 9.380 - 9.380
Computer Core - - - 18.750 18.750 - 18.750
Hyperspace Core - - 25.000 25.000 25.000 - 25.000

These values have been measured in game with a 1 m^3 Cube in Game version 1.3.7.

The Hyperdrive[]

The hyperdrive only consumes energy after a hyperspace jump, for the duration of your hyperspace recharge. How much energy is consumed depends on the volume and Mass of your ship. More volume and mass lead to a higher recharge energy.

Life Support[]

The energy consumption of your life support systems only depends on the volume of blocks that use life support. The blocks that need life support are blank hull, hull and crew quarters. Thier energy consumption per volume can be found in the table above.

Academies and Cloning Pods[]

Academies and cloning pods have a base energy consumption per volume, but the more crewmen are in production or in training, the more energy they will consume. The number of crewman being cloned or trained is proportional to the energy consumption they will add. So a crewman in cloning or training will always add the same amount of energy consumption based on the base consumption of the academy or cloning pod. Furthermore cloning generally needs more energy per crewman, but is faster and needs only very little volume. Training professionals needs less energy per crewman, but a lot more volume and is slower. Energy is only consumed by crewman that are currently in production/training, NOT for all ordered crewman.

Flight Assist[]

This is primarily the energy consumption of the inertia dampeners. Thrusters and directional thrusters have their energy consumption divided to 2/3 in thrusters and 1/3 in flight assist.

Battery Charge Weapons[]

Battery charge weapons will consume a fixed amount of energy while charging their battery.