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Drone Front

A drone from the front

The Drone is the first craft available to the player.

Its main role is to mine asteroids for iron and titanium, to make your first personal ship.

it can freely be accessed while in control of any ship the player owns by pressing the 'change-craft' key ('T' by default). It is automatically destroyed when entering a ship.

Characteristics[ | ]

The drone is made of a single engine block, decorative hull blocks and 2 mining lasers with a DPS of 3, efficiency of 14, and a range of 0.5. These values are not randomized. This ship can not be edited or re-designed. If the ship is destroyed, it will be recreated.

While having a base speed of 75 m/s, it can however boost limitlessly making its effective speed 300 m/s. Due to its small size, it is also extremely easy to steer.

Various uses[ | ]

The drone intended use is to gather materials, in case you no longer have any ship able to do it. It is easily surpassed in every way by ships, and so it shouldn't be relied upon.

You can also only build ships by either founding one while using the drone or by going to a shipyard. This can prove very useful if the player's ship has been destroyed, thus enabling them to rebuild themselves.

Its lack of armed weapons and overall brittleness make it nearly useless for fighting ships. It can be used to safely scout sectors, though it is discouraged beyond the early-game due to its low speed and low jump range of 2. It is however worth noting that it only needs about 10 seconds to recharge its hyperdrive in a non-empty sector.