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Black Market is a downloadable content for Avorion.

It expands on Avorion's base gameplay with a new set of storylines, as well as the Black Market system and the introduction of new subsystems.

Setting[ | ]

The constant struggle of the colonizing factions against the Xsotan sees the emergence of three underground affiliations. Each corporation operates under the radar of the factions, establishing black markets and weaving a web of connections to exert their ever-developing influence. More and more members of the society tend to join the ranks of these groups, however it turns out that it is not easy keeping balance between them...

Gameplay additions[ | ]

Black Markets[ | ]

Several faction stations are highly interested in the black market, buying and selling normally forbidden wares. These stations can only be revealed through opportunistic contacts, whose trust must be earned first. After revealing their identity, shady businesses open up new ways of obtaining upgrades, turrets, etc. at an extra price, as well as the possibility to trade stolen goods.

Underground factions[ | ]

Black Market's main lore revolves around the three background groups that try to influence the status quo in various ways:

  • The Cavaliers: disappointed with the never-ending pirate infestations and the factions' inability to keep the situation under control, this militarist syndicate tries to bring order to the galaxy by force and determination.
  • The Commune: a progressive organisation that tries to undermine the current system in peaceful means. They operate through spreading propaganda and controlling large swathes of the economy, demanding equality and opposing any trade bans.
  • The Family: a loose circle of smugglers and criminals, whose main goal is to keep the status quo intact from the other underground group's influence. Trusting each other, the Family's members have deep connections and a name that ensure their business is never meddled in.

Over the course of the story missions, it becomes possible to join ranks with any of the three groups, eventually ceasing to work with the other two. Having good relations with a respective faction may grant a discount on certain types of wares.

Hacking subsystem[ | ]

Black Market introduces Code Injector upgrades, which can be used to attempt to hack secured containers by remaining near them, rather than delivering it to a Smuggler Hideout. Depending on the container's security level, the container can be either hacked in a few seconds, or it will alert the owner who deploys itchy Pirates to dispose of you. When alerted, the container can take up to 5 minutes to crack.

Besides hacking, there are also various subsystems that make operating in patrolled sectors less troublesome, when forbidden goods are on board. For example, Sphinx Systems help avert fines and confiscation of shady cargo when scanned, while Chameleon Systems reveal faction patrols from longer range and put them on the radar.