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Crews are necessary for operating ships and stations. They consist of crewmen of different professions which fulfill different jobs on ships. Not every ship needs a crew of every type. A ship's crew capacity can be increased with crew quarters.


There are multiple types of crewmen.

  • Crewmen - These default crewmen can be assigned to nearly any position.
  • Engineers - Engineers maintain and run all technical blocks on your ship.
  • Gunners - Gunners operate armed turrets.
  • Miners - Miners operate mining turrets.
  • Mechanics - Mechanics repair your ship, but cannot rebuild destroyed blocks.
  • Pilots - Pilots will fly fighters.
  • Security - Security will defend your ships against enemy boarders.
  • Boarders - Boarders can be flown to other ships to infiltrate and take over those ships. See Boarding.
  • Sergeants - Sergeants organize your crew. You need 1 sergeant for every 5 employed crewmen.
  • Lieutenants - Oversees Sergeants. You need 1 lieutenant for every 4 sergeants.
  • Colonels - Oversees Lieutenants. You need 1 commander for every 3 lieutenants.
  • Generals - The highest ranked officer. You need 1 general for every 2 colonels.
  • Captains - Not mandatory, but allows ships to be commanded when you're not flying them. See Captian

Default crewmen can be assigned to become any profession, although specialized crew have a higher workforce.

Crew capacity and morale[]

By building Crew Quarters you can increase the capacity for crew on your ship. The maximum capacity is only a soft capacity, as you can overstaff your ship. If your ship is overstaffed your crews morale will suffer and decrease over time. When the morale reaches a certain threshold specialized crew members will no longer level up.

Leveling up Specialized Crewmen[]

Specialized crew members will gain experience over time and reach higher levels. They can be hired at stations or trained in academies. There are 3 different levels a trained crewman can achieve with level 3 being the maximum. What the level does depends on the profession of the crewman:

Engineers, Gunners, Miners, Mechanics, Sergeants, Lieutenants, Colonels and Generals[]

Can all be replaced by untrained crewman and start with a workforce of 1.5 at level 1. Their workforce increases by 0.5 per level and reaches a maximum of 2.5 at level 3.


Always produces one workforce and cannot be replaced by untrained crewmen. Instead of an increased workforce they can dodge more often, as explained here.


Currently can't level up and also cannot be replaced by untrained crewmen.


Always produces one Workforce and cannot be replaced by untrained crewmen. They level up through boarding and seem to get stronger with higher levels.


Workforce is irrelevant for Captains, but they can still level up. Though it is unclear if the level of a captian determains any of their capabilities.

Minimum Crewmen[]

Certain jobs on a ship need a minimum number of crewmen in order to work optimally.

  • For the engines of a ship a minimum number of crewmen is necessary in order to operate the engines. If this requirement isn't met, the engines' functionality rate will drop below 100%, which means the ship will accelerate and brake slower, and the maximum flying speed will decrease.
  • If a ship has insufficient repair crewmen, the ship will slowly decay and take damage.
  • Turrets need a certain amount of workforce to operate which is indicated in the description of the turret

Overstaffing jobs[]

Putting more than the required minimum of crewmen into a certain working position can even boost a ship's stats in some areas. Currently, only the positions of engineer and mechanic will boost their associated stats over 100% (up to 130%).

Hiring Crews[]

Crewmen can be hired at stations, as long as your relations to that station's faction is upwards of -25000 and your ship is able to hold crew.

Hired crewmen will be unemployed at first, and you have to train them in order assign them to a certain job.

Every station can only hold a certain number of people who are willing to work for you on your ship. In order to hire more men, visit more stations.

Type Probability Amount
Crewmen 100% 20 - 40
Engineers 50% 5 - 15
Gunners 50% 5 - 10
Miners 50% 5 - 10
Mechanics 50% 5 - 15
Pilots 50% 3 - 10
Security 40% 3 - 10
Boarders 25% 3 - 10
Sergeants 40% 4 - 10
Lieutenants 30% 4 - 7
Commanders 25% 3 - 5
Generals 15% 1 - 2
Captains 50% 1 - 2

These values might change due to further balancing or mods.

Paying Crews[]

A crew needs to be paid regularly. You can check when the next payment is due by opening the fleet tab in the player menu (Default hotkey: 'I'). The amount necessary to pay them depends on the size of the crew, as well as its composition.

Payment can be delayed for a certain amount of hours, but the price will go up. If a crew is unpaid for too long, they will leave the ship. Mutiny also causes the levels of training to stop increasing and in case of leaving you might lose those highly trained crewmen.

Required Crew[]

Required Crew per Volume (persons/m^3):

Mechanics Engineers Total Crew
Basic Hull 0,010000 0 0,010000
Blank Hull 0,010000 0 0,010000
Crew Quarters 0,010000 0 0,010000
Engine 0,020000 0,066667 0,086667
Thruster 0,020000 0,040000 0,060000
Directional Thruster 0,020000 0 0,020000
Inertia Dampener 0,020000 0 0,020000
Gyro Array 0,020000 0 0,020000
Integrity Field Generator 0,020000 0 0,020000
Armor 0,003333 0 0,003333
Solar 0,010000 0 0,010000
Generator 0,020000 0 0,020000
Energy Container 0,020000 0 0,020000
Shield Generator 0,020000 0,040000 0,060000
Hyperspace Core 0,020000 0 0,020000
Computer Core 0,020000 0 0,020000
Cargo Bay 0,010000 0 0,010000
Hangar 0,004000 0 0,004000
Assembly 0,026667 0 0,026667
Turret Lock 0,010000 0 0,010000
Dock 0,010000 0 0,010000
Recorder 0,003333 0 0,003333
Light 0,010000 0 0,010000
Glow 0,002667 0 0,002667
Glass 0,002667 0 0,002667
Reflector 0,002667 0 0,002667
Framework 0,000133 0 0,000133
Hologram 0 0 0
Stone 0 0 0
Rich Stone 0 0 0