Avorion Wiki

Credits are the current currency in Avorion and are used to pay everything that can be paid for. They are acquired by selling resources, blocks, turrets, or entire spaceships. Furthermore, credits can be obtained by selling whole asteroids or completing missions. There are two Steam achivements for obtaining credits: One for a million credits and one for a billion.

Usage of credits[ | ]

Credits are used for 2 things

  1. for building new blocks
  2. the purchase of new systems/turrets
  3. to maintain morale of a ships crew

how to earn credits[ | ]

  1. is by killing ships/stations and getting credit drops from them
  2. is to found stations and mines that produce goods
  3. is to complete missions given by stations
  4. given as rewards for killing pirates
  5. claiming asteroids and selling them. There is a picture of one on the linked page
  6. selling of systems/turrets