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T1M-LRD-Tech Cargo Upgrades are an upgrade module that increases the craft's cargo storage capacity, by either a flat rate or a percentage of the cargo capacity. This typically means that flat rate upgrades are the worse option of the two, due to how fast percentage scaling can increase a cargo hold, and much cheaper the power cost is.


The Cargo Upgrades vary in effectiveness based mostly on rarity level. In the chart below, the approximate stats for each rarity is given. The permanent installation bonus is always half of the original installation value. The power cost is 15 MW per percentage, and 10 MW per flat m3.

Item Rarity Flat Increase Flat Power Demand Percentage Increase % Power Demand
Petty +2% m3 30 MW
Common +92 m3 920 MW +8% m3 120 MW
Uncommon 12% m3 180 MW
Rare 255 m3 2.55 GW 18% m3 270 MW
Exceptional 320 m3 3.2 GW
Exotic 25% 375 MW
System Upgrades
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