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Capo dei capi

Capo dei Capi's vessel

Capo dei Capi is a boss featured in the DLC: Black Market.

Biography[ | ]

The Family's most sacred member, Capo dei Capi is the 'Godfather' of Avorion, managing and weaving the complex connections behind the scenes. Running an extensive network on full steam, the Capo always ensures that he is never left without personal protection.

Capo dei Capi is fought towards the end of The Cavaliers and The Commune storyline.

Encounter[ | ]

Capo dei Capi is always found with a contingent of Family Associates as bodyguards. When meeting him, after some dialogue options he activates along with his team and attack.

The Capo brings a large cube-like red carrier vessel in battle. While his ship is nowhere near impressive, he has multiple layers of defense: strong shields and a personal fleet of Family Associates, who are docked to the main ship.

Capo dei Capi fights a little bit similar to the other faction bosses: he brings numbers and indirect impenetrable parts through his Associates. As long as the reinforcements are docked, they remain invulnerable, absorbing projectiles and torpedoes for the Capo indefinitely. Most parts of the Capo are still exposed to incoming fire, but he continuously fires torpedoes to keep you away.

Whenever the Capo loses a quarter of his health, he releases pairs of Family Associates, which remain close to the Capo's location. As these ships are removed, the Capo becomes more and more vulnerable, until he loses all protection with less than 25% health left. The bodyguards are usually not of concern due to their behaviour, but they provide consistent damage output for their leader nonetheless.

Loot[ | ]

When the Capo is dealt with, he drops two copies of the legendary railgun turret, the Distant Destroyer. His vessel also proves useful to salvage, yielding large quantities of scrap Iron, Trinium and Xanion.