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Note: The following information is for game versions prior to 2.2 and the release of the Into the Rift DLC. For the current version, see Object Finder


The C43 Object Detector is an installable System Upgrade.


The Object Detector scans your current sector for claimable asteroids, repairable wrecks, containers and Secret Stashes, and notifies you of their presence. In higher rarities it can also highlight valuable entities from a distance and with more variety, with Exotic Object Detectors having a sector-wide range.

Although it can be permanently installed, the Object Detector provides no additional effects this way.


Rarity Highlight Range Detected Objects
Legendary Sector All valuable objects
Exotic Sector All valuable objects
Exceptional 9-11 km All valuable objects
Rare 4-6 km All valuable objects
Uncommon - Claimable asteroid, Flight recorder, Wreckage, Secret stash
Common - Claimable asteroid, Flight recorder, Wreckage
Petty - Claimable asteroid, Flight recorder

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