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Bottan the Smuggler is one of the bosses you'll fight in Avorion.

Finding Bottan[ | ]

You can start the questline in a system with a Smuggler post. You can find them in some hidden mass systems (and outside of the inner Core for this quest). Near the post, a smuggler will be floating around. Talk to him and he'll ask you if you're interested in making some easy money smuggling some goods, paid on delivery.

Accept, and you'll be given goods and a destination. Travel there (evade populated systems - you're smuggling stuff) and talk to Bottan.

He'll demand to be given the goods before he pays you. Do so, and he'll suddenly jump away, without paying you.

After that, you'll receive a mail (in the top-right menu) from a person stating you have a common enemy in Bottan, asking you to meet up somewhere. Go to that location (It may happen that he spawn in middle of SpaceTime Cracks, in this case you have no other choice that to ask an admin to teleport you, or do it yourself if you are in solo mode with /teleport command), and he'll explain he used to be Bottan's engineer who built his hyperdrive using Xsotan technology, which is why Bottan can jump away so quickly. He is also wronged by Bottan and is willing to build you a jammer to break Bottan's hyperdrive so you can defeat him and exact vengeance.

To do so, you need to bring him a set of items which you can buy at various stations. Do that, and you'll receive the Hyperspace Overloader upgrade. (note: it only works on Bottan)

WARNING: if your inventory is full the upgrade will drop at your location in space.

Items needed:

Qty Part Purchasable At
1 Neutron Accelerator Accelerator Factory
1 Electron Accelerator Accelerator Factory
2 Fusion Generator Fusion Generator Factory
5 Energy Inverter Energy Inverter Factory, Turret Factory (as of 1.0)
6 Transformator Transformator Factory
8 Semi Conductor Semi Conductor Manufacturer
2 Processor Computer Component Factory, Processor Factory

Note: These items can also be purchased at a trading posts, when available.

Note: Energy inverters can be obtained by dismantling Force Turrets and Tesla Turrets at a Scrapyard. More inverters are dropped at higher rates when dismantling higher rarity turrets.

Start the first mission again by talking to a smuggler and going to the delivery system. (Make sure the jammer is equipped) When you contact Bottan now, aside from talking options, you'll have the option "Destroy hyperdrive". Do that, then go through his dialogue as normal. When the time comes for him to leave, his hyperdrive won't work and the fight starts. If the Common Enemy dies, you'll need to start over from the smuggler's station.

The fight[ | ]

Bottan is nothing special, just large and with more firepower than normal ships.

Drops[ | ]

Respawn[ | ]

Bottan can be fought again by restarting the original delivery mission. However, this mission is only available roughly every 30 minutes. Otherwise the smuggler (all smugglers) will not be interested in talking.

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