Avorion Wiki

All of the optimal and main story bosses in Avorion belong to a faction visible in the Diplomacy tab. Obviously the XWG, and the prototype XWG both belong to the Xsotan faction, and although there is a button prompt to declare war, it results in an error message. The same can be said about Bottan's smugglers. The rest of the boss factions either start as hostile, or become hostile after attacking them. Only some of the boss factions that start or become hostile can be negotiated with.

The first boss faction the player may encounter (aside from the Xsotan) is likely be Pirate Captian Swokes, who belongs to a random pirate faction. Next either Bottan's smugglers or The AI will emerge. The AI starts out as neutral, but if you encounter the AI ship with a Xsotan aritfact, it will attack you, but it's reputation towards you remains unchanged until you fire on it, after which it will go down as usual, until the AI declares war on you. Bottan's smugglers do not change their opinion of you from neutral, as the only member of their faction you can attack is Bottan himself.

All of the factions who's name starts with 'The' and another single, normal word, is a syndicate related to the Black Market DLC

After those two, the next two the player is likely to encounter are the M.A.D. Science association and The Brotherhood. The M.A.D. Science association will not loose reputation when destroying satellites, but will loose reputation when attacking the Mobile Energy Lab, and can be negotiated with, however the player will still be attacked after destroying the fourth satellite. The Brotherhood starts out as hostile towards the player, but can be negotiated with.

The optional bosses Specimen 8055, Project IHDIX and Fidget all belong to The Pariah faction. They start out as hostile to the player and an option to negotiate ceasefire is available, however it will be met with refusal.

The Xsotan Wormhole Guardian, unlike most Xsotan, will attack on sight, and since diplomacy doesn't work on them normally, it won't save you here

5468 6520 4149 and Big Brother are allied with the AI, and a ceasefire will not work with either, and the player will immediately receive a deceleration of war. The only way to improve the reputation of the AI is to kill Xsotan while in it's presence. This becomes easy after the XWG is defeated because the invasion event can, and tends to occur while fighting 5468 6520 4149.

If you research a very specific combination of items (Hacking subsystem, PDC, Laser, Railgun, Lightning gun, of any rarity/material) you will get the Staff Pager, a 1 use item that cannot be obtained again in a save, will summon in a boss called "The Stick of Doom". It is immune to damage unless you spin it around, then it can be damaged. It is a completely optional boss, and does not show up on your player profile after you beat it, and it belongs to the < 0.32.0. This is almost certianly a refrence to an older version of Avorion, where it may have had a more promenent roll, given that the Stick of Doom will repeat throughout the fight, lines like "Remember the good old days?", "Our kind used to dominate the galaxy" and, "Once we were many, now it's only us". The < 0.32.0. will have an option to declare war, but it will be met with a refusal to negotiate