Avorion Wiki

General Overview[ | ]

Station Manufacturing Process[ | ]

The following factories require this product during the manufacturing process:

Books are not processed anywhere within the galaxy.

Construction[ | ]

Cost to produce: 3,570,000 credits

Production[ | ]

This factory produces the following resources per cycle:

Name Quantity Volume Avg. Price Illegal? Dangerous? Consumed by
Book 4 0.2 319 No No Habitat

Production Materials[ | ]

This factory requires the following resources to complete a cycle:

Name Quantity Volume Avg. Price Sold By Illegal? Dangerous?
Paper 20 1 46 Paper Factory No No
Energy Cell 1 0.5 50 Solar Power Plant No No

Profitability[ | ]

This station's profitability is an average of 306 credits per cycle. It requires 155 production / second for optimal production.