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Black market identify

Black Market in sector

Black Markets are a feature introduced in the DLC: Black Market.

Characteristics[ | ]

Some stations operate a secondary market belonging to the illegal world, outside of the radar of the legal authorities. These businesses are only revealed to the most trusted clients.

Any type of station can become a Black Market associate, whose identity can be unveiled through an informant. These whistleblowers usually lurk around faction sectors, randomly addressing you and asking for a favor, like defeating pirates. Sometimes they themselves can also be under attack in no man's space, in which case they will also reveal a black market once saved.

Black Markets are marked both on the galaxy map, as well as in-sector with a purple mask icon. When interacted with, the option "Black Market" will appear for selection, opening up a market interface.

Mechanics[ | ]

Black Markets sell wares much like equipment docks, however their selection is limited to subsystems and turrets. Moreover, they also sell stolen goods fresh off the shelf, which can be immediately taken to a Smuggler Hideout. They also buy stolen goods of your own, if you want to dispose of them conveniently.

Due to their special status, Black Markets sell goods for a high surplus: turrets and subsystems cost +30% of the original price, while stolen goods cost +15%. These can however be influenced by keeping high relations with one of the underground associations: