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Combat is one of the main aspects of Avorion's gameplay and turrets are an important part of it. This guide will give some basic input about the two best ways to obtain very powerful turrets.

Two ways, one goal: to be the strongest![ | ]

Simply the best: Turret factories[ | ]

Find a factory[ | ]

Turret factories are found all over the galaxy. The player may use commodities to craft their own turrets at any factory. However there will probably be no two factories that offer the same turrets, which means a player is given the opportunity to explore the galaxy on their search for the most powerful turrets of personal choice: While one factory might be capable of producing extremely powerful Railguns, but is only offering medium rocket launchers, another one might be the exact opposite or even provide very efficient mining turrets for example.

The tech level and by that the potential strength of the offered turrets will become higher while decreasing the distance to the center of the galaxy. Therefore it is recommended to choose a factory as close to the galactic core/ the center of the galaxy as possible for the best results. The player may also take notes on the galaxy map to keep track of the different factories that have been found and potentially share that information to the alliance.

Turret building[ | ]

The assembly of a turret will usually cost a significant amount of credits as well as several components that can be gathered in any way and may even be stolen. The disassembly of weak turrets is useful to reduce these efforts.

The crafting process itself will require the player to set the stats of the turret by adding components in the crafting screen. The most powerful turrets are obviously created by the use of the highest amount of components as possible with the exception of those enabling independent targeting (which add no other benefit) as well as the selection of the highest rarity.

To see what components are necessary for each turret type reference Turret Factory.

The best turret factories[ | ]

As stated before, the turrets offered by factories grow in strength with decreasing distance to the core. This means that turret factories created by the player in the very neighborhood of the galactic center will be superior to any other one in the galaxy.

Since there is no limit to the number of a specific station type in one sector, the player may keep on creating more and more turret factories until one provides the turret type/stat combination desired.

The best of the best: Research stations[ | ]

Find a research station[ | ]

Just as turret factories, research stations will provide better results with decreasing distance to the core. They do however not require components to build turrets, but will allow for a gamble instead.

Researching turrets[ | ]

The player is supposed to put a number between three and five turrets in and will get a random result (chance of successfully creating a new turret increases from 60%-100% based on the number of turrets used). The outcome can be influenced by the input and if one puts in turrets of only the same type, a new turret of again the very same type will be created. The results may vary a lot with this, but the potential can reach even further than that of turret factories. The combination of different turret types will lead to much more random results and is therefore not recommended.

The best research stations[ | ]

Since the distance to the core has direct impact on the created turrets, the same principles apply. The player may simply build a station in the very neighborhood of the galactic core to research the very best turrets in the game using turrets from a weapon factory.