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The Battery Upgrade is an installable System Upgrade.


The Battery Upgrade can increase the ship's total Energy Capacity and/or Energy Recharge Rate, depending on its rarity.

A permanently installed Battery Upgrade has its effects increased by 50%. Battery Upgrades can stack, adding their effects.


Rarity Increased Energy Capacity Increased Recharge Rate Chance to provide both boosts
Legendary 84%-132% 31%-50% 100% (always)
Exotic 72%-112% 28%-44% 100% (always)
Exceptional 60%-92% 25%-38% 75%
Rare 48%-72% 22%-31% 50%
Uncommon 36%-52% 18%-24% 25%
Common 24%-32% 15%-18% 0% (never)
Petty 12% 12% 0% (never)

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