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Current Issues[]

API project[]

Hey there! So I've been "playing" Avorion for a little while now so of course I just must edit the wiki! (it's what I do, apparently) Seeing that the Avorion devs are shipping official scripting API documentation with the game warms my heart, but after looking at it, it looks like it could use some... sprucing up. I've already been transferring some of it over to the wiki, experimenting with different styles and such. But I was wondering if it would be agreeable to add a separate wiki namespace for all the API articles. I suggest: "API:". I've already added quite a few of the API classes to the wiki, as you can see at Category:API:Script_API.

If none of you are familiar with mediawiki namespaces, I'm talking about modifying LocalSettings.php, and then you'll have to move all the pages I created, or use the maintenance script NamespaceDupes.php to do that for you. Adding a separate wiki namespace would allow all those articles to be properly searchable, and sortable - so that their article name would be for example, "Material" in the "API" namespace, instead of named "API:Material" in the "main" namespace.

Note however that there's some things to consider - I've never suggested adding a separate namespace for a game's API, I've always done it in the main namespace on other wikis, but a lot of the class names conflict with in game concepts. I also know that mediawiki is not a platform designed for API documentation, let alone any documentation. I also realize that it seems as if most of the Avorion community, at least on the forums, somehow already know how all the scripting stuff works.

But there's things I think are really neat too! Adding the docs to the wiki will allow all the things to link together like a proper API documentation. It'll also come in with built-in searching and back referencing features, instead of using external tools. The whole community can pitch in and contribute to the API documentation too. They can keep on improving it even - perhaps by clarifying things that may be confusing at first to some people, or by adding example code snippits that will make things more understandable.

What do you admin people think about adding an "API:" namespace? :D

RE: API project[]

I don't think that it's a good idea to port the API to the media wiki. It would mean multiple copies of the same data, while the copy wasn't generated by an algorithm but by a human being which can make errors. If you have suggestions for improving the documentation, please tell me about it. The issue is, that once the API changes with a patch, and you don't immediately have time or have seen all the changes in the API, the Wiki will be outdated. Also, you'd have to guarantee for the rest of the development of Avorion that you'll always update the API on the Wiki entirely.

Helping this wiki[]

I noticed that a lot of pages are empty, i am running my own server of AVORION and i would love to help make this wiki a better place. I would like to join you guys and helping you where ever i can

Permissions to Edit Avorion Wiki home page.[]

Hello, I'd like access to edit the home page on the Wiki. I wanted to add an "Orders" section that I'm working on compiling. Giving a list of all the orders you can give to ships, and then a detailed description of what each of the orders do, verified by myself and the avorion community.