Avorion is a space-based sandbox building game created and developed by Konstantin Kronfeldner. The game was Kickstarted funded in May 2016 and is expected to release later in the year. Avorion has been in development for four years prior to obtaining Kickstarter funding. A downloadable demo of early gameplay is available on the official website.


Avorion is a procedurally generated sci-fi sandbox where players start the game at the edge of the galaxy and find their way to the core. Build spaceships from gathered resources and fly around - exploring and fighting. The closer players get to the core, the more hostile the environment, but also the more rewarding. There are several roles to choose from!

  • Be a mercenary and work for hire to protect convoys or eradicate groups of outlaws
  • Explore the galaxy and scavenge asteroid fields or abandoned wreckages for precious loot
  • Be a miner, equip your ship with powerful mining lasers and gather resources from asteroid fields
  • As a merchant, find the best routes for trade and haul goods between factories, or even smuggle illegal wares
  • As the admiral of your own fleet you can command your ships and wage wars against entire factions

Avorion focuses on combat and ship use. Players will find plenty of areas to explore as well as quests and boss fights. Equip your ship with chainguns, lasers and other weapons to take on your enemies. Defend allies from pirates, hunt down enemies for coin or even participate in wars between entire factions. Players can hire captains to fly their ships for them and build their own fleet. Destroy enemy freighters to steal their cargo and gather loot to augment the fleet. The only limit to the size of ships, is the available resources.

Team up with friends in co-op multiplayer and build stations, destroy enemies or join in on PVP battles. Raid other frieghters, steal their goods and sell them on the Black Market.