Avorion Wiki

Armor blocks is a main physical defense for the ships and other space structures. While generally similar to conventional Hull blocks, Armor adds 6.25 times as much durability to the structure's total Hit Points, and can take just as much damage as individual blocks for the same volume. As such, it is the first method of protection available from Iron, further reinforced by Integrity Field Generators made with Titanium. It also provides an additional defensive factor against Railguns by preventing these weapons from dealing damage to the blocks protected by it. Armor blocks are 66% heavier, however, and a major contributor to mass inflation, so it should be used in moderation.

There are angled variants of the armor block, namely Corners and Edges.

Also note that there are no armor blocks available for Naonite, Xanion, or Avorion.

By measure of standard 2x2x2 block size (8,000 m³)
Material Cost ($) Hull (hp) Mass (t) Hull/Mass (hp/t) Hull/Volume (hp/m³) Hull/Cost (hp/$)
Iron 30 200 680 0.29 25 6.66
Titanium 40 300 400 0.75 37.5 7.5
Trinium 73 675 280 2.41 84.4 9.24
Ogonite 133 1519 600 2.53 189.9 11.42
Hull Block, Armor Block, Engine Block, Stone Block, Cargo Bay, Crew Quarters, Thruster, Framework, Hangar, Dock, Turret Rotation Lock, Shield Generator, Energy Container, Generator, Integrity Field Generator, Computer Core, Hyperspace Core, Solar Panel, Light Block, Glow Block, Glass Block, Reflector Block, Hologram Block, Gyro Array Block