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An Ancient Defense Platform (ADP) is a type of enemy found scattered inside Rifts in the Into the Rift DLC. ADPs are initially neutral and do not appear on the HUD until approached. If any ship (including Xsotan) remains close enough to the ADP for several seconds, it becomes hostile to all craft in the rift. ADPs have multiple weapons, including several Torpedo Launcher Blocks, which they may fire simultaneously at multiple different targets in their vicinity.

Appearance[ | ]

Ancient Defense Platforms can be found scattered around Rift sectors during Rift Expeditions. They are almost always located a few kilometers away from a buoy route between two Monoliths, waiting to attack any unsuspecting ship attempting to cross from one Monolith to the other.

The ADP appears similar to other ancient platforms found inside Rifts, as a large 3-dimensional cross, with lights at each end of the cross.

ADPs do not appear on the HUD until they detect a player ship in their vicinity, or until they become hostile for any reason. An Object Finder or other similar detection system will not reveal them either.

Behavior[ | ]

Ancient Defense Platforms are initially neutral. They will not attack until triggered.

Once a ship approaches the platform (~20-15km away), it will suddenly pop up on the HUD with a yellow bracket. A red, non-damaging laser from the ADP is then fired at the target to indicate that its position is being tracked. If the player's ship is targeted, a warning tone can be heard to indicate the tracking. The ADP's yellow bracket will slowly turn orange, then red, over a period of about 5 seconds.

If the "offending" ship leaves the vicinity of the platform quickly enough, that ADP will return to its original neutral state.

If the ship remains long enough within the platform's vicinity, and the HUD bracket becomes fully red, the ADP is triggered and becomes hostile, usually firing a Torpedo immediately while also opening fire with any of its other weapons. That ADP will remain hostile for the remainder of the mission inside the rift.

ADPs will also become hostile instantly if attacked before they can trigger, even if the attack came from outside the ADP's detection range.

ADPs can be triggered by both players and NPCs, including Xsotan ships spawning randomly in the Rift. It will be hostile to any ship in its vicinity, no matter who triggered it.

ADPs are capable of launching multiple Torpedoes at once if confronted by multiple targets; however they will only launch one torpedo at a time at each target, even if there is only one target present.

ADPs have no engines and are completely immobile, with the exception of being actively pushed or pulled by another ship.