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The following is a list of achievements for the game Avorion. There are currently 55 available achievements.

List of achievements[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description
Against all Odds.jpg Against all Odds Beat the Four.
Attacker.jpg Attacker Destroy 3 enemy stations.
Avorion!.jpg Avorion! Mine Avorion for the first time.
Bargain.jpg Bargain Buy the Xsotan Artifact sold by a Travelling Merchant.
Barrel Roll.jpg Barrel Roll Do a barrel roll.
Billionaire.jpg Billionaire Own credits.
Cartographer.jpg Cartographer Discover 1000 sectors.
Center of the Galaxy.jpg Center of the Galaxy Fly to the very center of the galaxy.
Child at Heart.jpg Child at Heart Do a barrel roll with your fully functional battleship.
Conqueror.jpg Conqueror Destroy 15 enemy stations.
Criminal.jpg Criminal Destroy or rob a civil ship.
DAU - Deadliest Assumable User.jpg DAU - Deadliest Assumable User Destroy the AI.
Dominator.jpg Dominator Destroy 500 armed ships of normal AI factions or players.
Explorer.jpg Explorer Discover 200 sectors.
Fighter.jpg Fighter Destroy 10 armed ships of normal AI factions or players.
First Encounters.jpg First Encounters Destroy 5 Xsotan ships.
Flagship Captain.jpg Flagship Captain Build a fully functional flagship.
Head Hunter.jpg Head Hunter Destroy 500 pirate ships.
Historian.jpg Historian Get a teleporter key from the Haati.
Hyperspace.jpg Hyperspace Use your hyperspace engine to jump into 100 sectors.
Instant Deconstruction.jpg Instant Deconstruction Destroy a medium sized ship with a single shot.
Interstellar.jpg Interstellar Travel a distance of 5000 sectors.
Into the Unknown.jpg Into the Unknown Overcome the barrier to the central regions of the galaxy.
Invader.jpg Invader Destroy 50 enemy stations.
It's over 9000!.jpg It's over 9000! Own a ship with a firepower of over 9000 omicron.
Listen here you little....jpg Listen here you little... Ask a few stupid questions.
Lone Saviour.jpg Lone Saviour Beat the Xsotan wormhole guardian without help from allies.
Ludicrous Speed.jpg Ludicrous Speed Go a speed that no man has ever gone before.
Master Tactician.jpg Master Tactician Beat the Xsotan wormhole guardian without damage from you or your crafts.
Merchant.jpg Merchant Buy or sell 10.000 goods.
Millionaire.jpg Millionaire Own 1.000.000 credits.
Miner.jpg Miner Mine and collect 100.000 resources.
Not this time!.jpg Not this time! Beat the Smuggler.
Personal Crusade.jpg Personal Crusade Destroy 1000 pirate ships.
Pest Control.jpg Pest Control Destroy 100 Xsotan ships.
Pirate.jpg Pirate Destroy or rob 20 civil ships.
Professional.jpg Professional Destroy 100 pirate ships.
Raider.jpg Raider Destroy or rob 100 civil ships.
Rapid Deconstruction.jpg Rapid Deconstruction Destroy a medium sized ship in under a second.
Rocket Scientist.jpg Rocket Scientist Use your hyperspace engine to jump into 1000 sectors.
Safe Travels.jpg Safe Travels Why take a risk? Travel through 100 gates.
Saviour.jpg Saviour Beat the Xsotan Wormhole Guardian.
Scourge of the Scourge.jpg Scourge of the Scourge Destroy Boss Swoks.
Scientist.jpg Scientist Combine 3 Legendary Modules to create an Xsotan Artifact.
Self Defense.jpg Self Defense Destroy 5 pirate ships.
Shortcut.jpg Shortcut Find and fly through a wormhole.
Slower than Light.jpg Slower than Light Fly 10.000 kilometers with your sublight engine.
Station Builder.jpg Station Builder Found a space station.
Student.jpg Student Finish the Tutorial.
The Price of Progress.jpg The Price of Progress Destroy the mobile energy lab.
Traveler.jpg Traveler Travel a distance of 500 sectors.
Warrior.jpg Warrior Destroy 100 armed ships of normal AI factions or players.
Xsotophobe.jpg Xsotophobe Destroy 1000 Xsotan ships.
Xsoterminator.jpg Xsoterminator Destroy 500 Xsotan ships.