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These are training centers that consume untrained crewmen (Produced by Cloning Pods or bought at stations) and create specialized crewmen. They are available from Trinium up and should always be built out of Trinium because they don't get any better with higher materials.

For more information on crewmen, visit this article: Crew

Training Time and Cost[ | ]

The training time and cost depends on the type of specialist to train, as seen in the table below. (Can also be seen in-game in the crew tab)

Minutes Credits
Engineers 30 15
Gunners 30 30
Miners 30 30
Mechanics 30 15
Pilots 30 50
Security 30 50
Boarders 30 80
Sergeants 45 100
Lieutenants 45 400
Commanders 45 600
Generals 45 1200
Captain 60 5000

Training Capacity[ | ]

The Training Capacity of the academy is proportional to the volume of all the academies on a ship or station. That also means that it does not make a difference if its one large academy or a lot of small academies if the volume is the same.

Note, that crewmen that are in training will not count towards your ship's crew capacity.

Energy Consumption[ | ]

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