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A Lost Friend is the name of a randomly-generated mission appearing uncommonly on Bulletin Boards throughout the galaxy. This mission is one of the only ways to acquire a randomized Tier-3 Captain.

Generation[ | ]

The "A Lost Friend" mission has a chance to be added to the Bulletin Board of certain stations when those stations are loaded into server memory, or whenever the server decides to update the station. Not every type of station in the game may offer this mission, and the chance of it being selected among all other possible missions differs from one station type to the next. The distance to the Core also changes the odds, because of additional Black Market missions that can compete with it.

Below are the default values as of version 2.4.3, sorted by chance. These are the odds of the mission being selected relative to any other mission; there's no guarantee a station will offer any missions whatsoever.

Station Type Chance
Mine 100%
Scrapyard 100%
Research Station 36%
Casino 33%
Habitat 32%
Trading Post 26%
Smuggler Hideout 25%
Resource Depot 23%
Shipyard 22%
Repair Dock 22%
Military Outpost 17%

Table Notes[ | ]

  • All odds above are approximate, and assume that no mods are installed.
  • Odds above ignore the possibility of Black Market missions, if available to be selected instead.
  • Odds above assume you are at least 50 sectors away from the Core. Near the core, the odds change due to other missions.
  • Any station type not listed above cannot spawn this mission at all.

Bulletin Board Text[ | ]

Name: [random name]
Profession: [ random class ]
Age: [random number between 35 and 120]
Last Known Location: [ wreckage coordinates ]

It's been a while since I've last had word from my good friend [random name]. Usually [he/she] checks in with me regularly. I'm worried that something bad might have happened to [him/her]. The only clue I have to go on is [his/her] last message that [he/she] was on [his/her] way to sector [wreckage coordinates]. Please help me find my friend!

Anyone who can lead me towards [him/her] will receive a reward of [ weighted reward ]!

[random client's name]

Objectives[ | ]

The mission progresses in two steps:

  1. Fly to the Lost Friend's last known location and scan a wreckage, discovering where its attackers came from.
  2. Fly to the attackers' location and defeat multiple waves of pirates.

Wreckage[ | ]

The Wreckage sector will be around 15-17 sectors away from where the mission was received. It will never be inside a Rift, and there's also a check to ensure that you don't have to cross the Barrier in either direction.

The Wreckage sector will always be empty, except for the wreckage itself which is spawned at a random location inside the sector. Its position will be marked in orange and can be seen without any special equipment at any distance.

On approaching to <1km from the Wreckage, you will get the option to interact. Select "[Scan the Wreckage]" to proceed. After reading some dialog, the next step is triggered and the wreckage will no longer have any special function or indicator.

Scanning text[ | ]

Log entry [random number]:
Our instruments picked up strange interferences that our engineers can't explain.
Log entry [random number]:
It seems that we're being followed.

Their ship is registered to sector [ combat sector ]. I didn't even know that sector was habitable.

We'll try to move faster to lose them.
Log entry [random number]:
They've caught up with us.
They want to send over a boarding party. We're preparing the airlock.

Combat[ | ]

After scanning the wreckage, you'll get coordinates to the attackers' origin, roughly 19-21 sectors away from the wreckage.

Visiting this sector you will find a Coal Mine belonging to a random Pirate faction, guarded by four Pirate ships.

The Coal Mine is always unarmed and completely immune to damage until all pirates are defeated.

As the first Pirate ships are destroyed, more Pirates will continue to spawn in waves of increasing difficulty (4 waves in total, including the initial pirate ships). The level of the pirate ships scales normally to your location in the galaxy, and should be similar to most other pirate sector encounters in that same region.

Once all Pirate ships are defeated, the Coal Mine instantly changes hands to the control of the nearest major faction. Note that it is possible to lose relationship points with that faction if your ships were firing on the mine when it changed hands. The Coal Mine will remain in the sector so long as there are any player ships there. It provides practically no interactions for the player, and does not actually generate any coal, though it may attract random ships to the sector. If at any point in time there are no players in the sector, the Coal Mine disappears completely.

The Reward stage dialogue triggers automatically when all Pirate ships are destroyed.

Reward[ | ]

Upon destroying all Pirate ships protecting the Coal Mine, a dialogue window will instantly pop up. You'll be talking to the captain you've been looking for. He offers you two options:

  1. Take the captain on board your ship. This is only possible if you are in a ship (not a drone) at the time. Note that a captain takes up crew space on a ship.
  2. Forfeit the captain, and take the reward money instead.

You will always have the option to inspect the captain's stats before deciding whether to take them or not.

Station Dialogue[ | ]

Yes! Nice work! And perfect timing!

Those pirates kidnapped us and locked us up, who knows what they would have done to us!

We just broke out of our cells and took control of the station. Thank you for distracting those pirates!
I'm looking for [captain's name].
That's me! I've led the riot here. Thank you so much for your help.
Sure, no problem.
Why exactly are you looking for me?
[Client's name] is looking for you.
Ah [client's name], he always has my back. I'll contact him immediately!
Now the question is, how will I get off this station now? They destroyed my ship!

Hey you know what, you seem awesome, do you happen to be in need of a captain?

I just need to settle some affairs, but that should be easy if you let me have the reward for finding me.

Reward Money[ | ]

The monetary reward for not recruiting the captain is equal to the captain's potential salary, rounded down as follows:

  • If the salary is greater than 10,000, it is rounded down to the nearest multiple of 10,000.
  • If the salary is between 1,001 and 9,999, it is rounded down to the nearest thousand.
  • If the salary is between 101 and 999, it is rounded down to the nearest hundred.

The money is received immediately.

Captain Classes[ | ]

The captain rewarded by this mission is always a Tier-3 captain (having both a primary and secondary class). The secondary class is always chosen at random; but the primary class is heavily dependent on where the mission was received. This is very important if you wish to find a specific type of Tier-3 captain.

Depending on which type of station you found the mission at, the captain's primary class will either be predictable, or random:

Station Type Primary Class
Smuggler Hideout Smuggler
Military Outpost Commodore
Trading Post Merchant
Mine * Miner
Scrapyard Scavenger
Research Station Explorer
Resistance Outpost ** Xsotan Hunter
Rift Research Center ** Scientist
Casino Daredevil
Resource Depot Random ***
Repair Dock
* The word "mine" must appear in the station's type, for example "ice mine S" or "copper mine XL".
** Due to an oversight, these stations will unfortunately never actually spawn the "Lost Friend" mission, making Tier-3 Xsotan Hunter and Scientist captains somewhat rarer. You may still find "Lost Friend" missions with those captains at stations that offer a random primary class, e.g. Shipyards.
*** For "Random" captain class, any class has an equal chance of being picked.