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The AI

Xsotan detected. Commencing attack.

The AI is one of the bosses you will find in Avorion. It was designed to fend off the Xsotan invasion in the past. It will only activate when you talk to it while a XSTN-K module is installed, otherwise it will be unresponsive and mostly invulnerable. It drops the XSTN-VI module which is needed to access the center of the galaxy.

Spawn Conditions[ | ]

AI spawns between the Yellow Circles

AI spawns between the Yellow Circles and outer ring of blue circle

The AI spawns in empty sectors that have a distance between 240 and 340 units to the center of the galaxy. It has a 5% chance to spawn each time an empty sector is entered. A counter is incremented on every jump into an empty sector such that on the 10th consecutive jump into an empty sector, the AI is guaranteed to spawn. This counter is reset when entering a sector with an Unknown Energy Signature, or when an AI or a Pirate Captain Swoks is spawned.

After the AI is defeated, the player that spawned the boss cannot spawn another AI or Pirate Captain Swoks for 30 minutes.

Fight Mechanics[ | ]

The AI is special in that when it takes damage, it will split, where every smaller part will keep shooting at you. To defeat it, you need to keep killing its split off parts until every bit of it is destroyed. As a caution to avoid being overwhelmed by its attacks, it may also be preferable to avoid splitting The AI into too many individual parts. The AI parts do not seem to use all of its available plasma turrets, especially when the center of The AI is connected. In essence, if the player splits The AI into two large pieces, one piece will use almost all of its turrets while the other will barely shoot. Also, if a piece of The AI has a shield generator when it breaks off, that piece may have a fully restored shield. As such, a possible tactic is to keep The AI largely intact during the battle while slowly destroying its extremities bit by bit. TIP: Use lasers, they are very accurate and do consistent damage, very useful to chop the AI´s pieces. The exotic turrets may drop before the entire fight is over, when you destroy the main piece and there is a medium-sized piece nearby. The XSTN-K will not drop until all pieces are defeated.

Guaranteed Drops ( loots )[ | ]

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