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5468 6520 4149 is an end-game boss, designed to be a more powerful version of the AI. As such, it is a very strong boss and may be the most powerful ship the player can find in the entire game. Its stats depend on your ship sizes, but you can easily expect 100mil shield and hull hp. 158m hull and 98m shield seem to be maximum, with the boss being made up of over 40mil avorion/ogonite in blocks. The boss is like the second generation of the AI, but it behaves the opposite way: It attacks all non-Xsotan and doesn't attack Xsotan. However in practice it does attack everything.

Finding 5468 6520 4149[]

Killing the Xsotan Wormhole Guardian will yield an item, whose name has randomized hexidecimal digits, and a tooltip which translates to ascii from hex characters into "This seems to be a chip to track some AI-Controlled entity. Can be activated by the player." Using the item will give you coordinates marked with a red skull, which indicates the boss's spawn location, and all the player needs to do is simply jump to those coordinates and start the fight. The boss will attack regardless of Xsotan Artifacts the player has on.


As said above, it has incredible high stats, so prepare your best guns or a very durable ramming ship! Due to its high dps it's also quite dangerous to ships with low shield hp. Destroying blocks also causes the sub ships to fire torpedoes. While the AI's headline omicron is usually only around 36k, it works similarly to the original AI in that breaking it up can result in significantly higher damage output. The torpedoes are significantly dangerous to those unprepared, including a mix of EMP and various other torpedo types. Torpedoes seem to only spawn when hull blocks are broken, either by individual destruction or the result of a split or excess damage to neighboring blocks. One of the most dangerous things about fighting 5468 while playing on a server is that players fighting 5468 are not able to jump out of the fight, as this action will crash the server they are playing on if attempted.


Railguns, Plasma cannons, the usual random upgrades, scrap avorion, avorion, scrap ogonite, ogonite.

Notably the rail guns and plasma cannons are identical. Also dropped are a variety of point defense weapons with 25km range.

This boss is also incredibly ore dense, and can yield millions upon millions of avorion and ogonite if salvaged, with up to 50 million being obtainable if the player chooses to 'live salvage' 5468 by salvaging it during the fight.

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